Shrimp Pots

Alaska’s largest shrimp pot dealer and the Ladner Traps dealer for Anchorage.

Our popularity has lead to round stackable shrimp pots to be often
referred to as “Donalson” style pots.

With Ladner’s 30 years of building experience and Donalson’s 60 years of Alaskan experience, you can count on the products we offer to work.

“Best damn round pot, period”

Even after taking a sledge hammer to the pot, the welds do not break.

30″ Round Stackable/Nestable Shrimp Pot:

Our top seller for over 8+ years, it has quickly become the most sought after shrimp pot among sportsman. Stacks up nicely and can be flipped over to be used as additional storage for your gear. Bottom opens up for easy access to your catch.

The mesh is easy to repair in the event it is torn.

Give the pots a good wash after using to get all the salt-water and gunk off.
The webbing should give you a 10-15 year life as it is bonded and treated.

37″ & 39″ Round Stackable/Nestable Shrimp Pot:

Please call for availability


Tanner Round Stackable/Nestable Pot:

Popular in the winter tanner fishery in PWS and Kachemak area in the summer, they are stackable/nestable and the bottom opens to allow access. The tanner enter from the top and the plastic funnel prevents escaping.