Fish Nets

WIth over 50 years of providing pre-hung ready to fish nets for Alaskans, we have the experience of what works for specific regions and types of fish. Our pre-hung nets arrive in the mail and are ready to be taken out of the box and use. You do not have to add or assemble anything.

If you do not know what to use, give us a call.

Salmon Commercial Nets:
Regardless of length, all salmon pre-hung nets are design after commercial versions. They use larger size salmon floats, Samson commercial floatlines and leadlines, and heavier twines. All nets are hung according to the mesh size ordered.

Lengths in stock:
60 ft, 80 ft, 100 ft, 150 ft (25 ftm), 300 ft (50 ftm)

Under-Ice & Surface Nets:
These pre-hung nets are designed for lightweight river or lake use. They are generally used for whitefish, cysco, and herring. Under-ice nets have small floats while surface nets (summer use) have larger floats. Both use lightweight polyester braid floatlines and lightweight Samson leadlines.

Lengths in stock:
30 ft, 40 ft, 60 ft, 80 ft, 100 ft

Our standards have been used throughout Alaska for over 50 years. However, you can custom order your net to your liking i.e. heavier leadlines, no floats, etc..