About Us

LFS Donalson’s Marine Supplies has been in the fish net supply business for over 60 years.¬†We are Alaska’s oldest fish net supplier and maintain one of Alaska’s oldest mail order catalogs.

Founded by Frank W. Donalson, who left his home state of Texas at the age of 15 to go to Alaska, our roots began in Galena, AK in the 1940’s. Frank was the postmaster of Galena at the time and operated a small general store and cannery under the name Yukon Enterprises. Yukon-Kip was a signature product the cannery sold to Fairbanks. Fish nets was among one of the supplies the store sold that soon became known as Donalson nets.

In 1953, Frank closed the general store and cannery and relocated to Anchorage. The company changed its name to Donalson Company and started using the telephone number 279-3025 as well as P.O. Box 100845. We still use these today.

Business was conducted out of a garage on Parson’s Ave. in Mt. View. The house was used as an office, fur room, and residency. Fur was often bartered for fish nets and supplies. Although bartering is no longer done, customers still purchase fur for making parkas and other various clothing items.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, the company expanded thanks to a booming Cook Inlet fishery. The company maintained its Parson’s location but expanded into a warehouse in the Ship Creek area. In the mid 80’s, the company relocated onto Silverado Way and stayed there until 2010. Fish nets and supplies along with fur was still the primary products for the business.

The late 80’s and early 90’s saw the opening of the personal use dip net fishery in Kenai. The company submitted one of the first dip net replacement bags to be used to the Fish & Game office in Anchorage. Through word of mouth, our bags became popular among dip netters.

In 2003, saw an expansion into the sport fishing market with the opening of the Prince William Sound shrimp fishery. In 2004, the company had its first Great Alaskan Sportsman Show booth to help promote the company after 40 years of word of mouth only advertising. Soon after, we became the go to people for shrimping supplies for the Prince William Sound fishery.

Frank W. Donalson past away on October 31, 2005. By his wishes, his ashes were flown to Gelana and spread across the Yukon River.

In 2011, Frank’s son Ross Donalson took over the business. The company relocated across the street to 5740 B Street and changed names to Donalson’s Fishing Supplies.

In 2012, Donalson’s Fishing Supplies acquired the intellectual property of Silvertip Net and Supplies and a second location was open in Kenai, AK.

On October 1, 2013 Donalson’s Fishing Supplies was acquired by LFS, Inc.